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I am a strong believer in raw-feeding my dogs and fosters. I have fed puppies as young as 6 weeks a raw diet (they preferred it over dry kibble!) and also feed adult dogs the same. I converted to raw when my love, Spud, developed cancerous mast cell tumors. I first looked at the food I was feeding Spud (low-grade kibble) and was amazed to find the additives and low-quality ingredients of the kibble.

My Mom is a breast-cancer survivor, and one thing her group preaches to cancer survivors is a healthy diet, to thwart further cancer growth and to strengthen the body. Further, many in the canine cancer world think that grains in traditional dog foods feed cancer cells, so I was definite in finding a food that was grain-free.

I researched the raw diet extensively, tried making my own concoctions, and finally came to Oma’s Pride, of CT. Their products are antibiotic and preservative-free, and they are an exceptional group of people, thoroughly committed to raw feeding and the welfare of animals.

Oma’s operation is so top-shelf that they use the same ingredients and processing equipment to supply the cafeteria at the local school district! As you can see in the picture, Thor is enjoying a frozen mackerel. Thor has been raised on a raw diet since 6 weeks — he is now 10 months old and a beauty .

When I foster pregnant females or nursing mothers, I supplement their raw diet with Esbilac milk supplement. More on Esbilac can be found at the PetAg site here.

I also supplement their base Oma’s chicken/veg mix with fatty duck and beef, salmon oil, goat, North Atlantic Salmon, organs and plenty of fatty marrow and bone-dust. Omas has a product, Performance Dog, which has tripe, beef, bone and trachea in it that I use also. THANKS, BARBARA for your advice!

Here is a primer on raw feeding:

I distribute Oma’s Pride — give their product a look at — if you are interested in the diet and live in the CT/NY/NJ area, and I can be contacted at [email protected]

We offer very competitive pricing on the food, and the handling and ordering of the food is done online on our forum,

A day in the life…

… here’s a typical raw meal around our house…

First, we start off with the turkey/veggie mix, which is ground turkey, ground bones, ground veggies and ground organs…

… we get it frozen from Oma’s, and defrost it in water overnight… making sure to treat it like ground-beef for people — always keeping it cold —

— this is a 10 lb. roll, but for those with one or two dogs, 2 lb. rolls work quite nicely —

— then, the supplement, MissingLink Plus —

— the “Plus” includes additives for healthy joints in older pups —

— and there you have it, our meal.

Here is the turkey/veg mix, with the supplement sprinkled on and a dash of water —

— this is a tempting breakfast to most four-leggers — !!

This diet is NOT over the top cost-wise — it is about $1.25 per pound, when bought at smart-shopper prices —

In the evening,
we basically repeat
the process, adding some
chicken necks to the bunch.

The necks are crunchy for the pups, and help clean their teeth and also stimulate their gumlines…

Here are some 4-week old, recently
weaned puppies — eating a turkey
breakfast, with special puppy supplements
added —

— these babies couldn’t be any happier — !!

For a copy of a raw presentation I recently did, click on the food-bowl below —

— note, this file is large (4 GB) —

Don’t have Powerpoint? Here’s a free viewer from Microsoft… just click below..

The results are in — pups prefer raw over kibble!

Here’s little Spud-chop, trying to act like he’s not proud of his dinner — 😀